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January 2009 Chirurgeon's Message

The Chirurgeonate of the Kingdom of Caid

The Chirurgeonate of the Kingdom of Caid has experience a rapid growth in our membership during these last few months. With that said, I would like to present to the populace of Caid what you can expect from the Chirurgeonate.

Characteristics of an Efficient Chirurgeonate
An efficient Chirurgeonate provides the training opportunity for each chirurgeon to develop his or her health and safety skills and provides excellent care to the populace if the need arises.

Following are some key components of an efficient Chirurgeonate:

  • Chirurgeons attend training provided by the staff;
  • Events should have Chirurgeon in attendance, arriving on time, having all needed equipment and supplies on site;
  • Chirurgeons should be involved in every type of event, wars, tourneys and fighter practice.
  • New Chirurgeons are inducted during a formal ceremony;
  • New Chirurgeons receive an orientation to the Chirurgeonate, focusing on what the new member wants to achieve;
  • Interested individuals are made to feel welcome;
  • Interested individuals are given information about the Chirurgeonate and are asked to join;
  • Chirurgeons accomplishments are recognized;
  • CP article is regularly produced and distributed to the chirurgeons and the populace.

To be able to be successful in these enviers the Chirurgeonate needs leaders. The Chirurgeonate success depends upon having Administrators who fulfill their responsibilities as leaders. When Administrators are well trained and performing their duties, chirurgeons and the populace will reap the benefits of an efficient Chirurgeonate.

As Kingdom Chirurgeon, I am announcing the formation of the following positions to assist me with my goals. These positions do not require you to be a warranted Chirurgeon, they are strictly administrative positions.

Administrator to the Chirurgeonate - Membership
Roles and Responsibilities: Maintains membership roster. Notifies membership of lapsing certificates. Updates database with current contact information. Plans, organizes, and implements a continuous marketing effort which ensures that the Chirurgeonate maintains a level of membership so that there is a reduction in Chirurgeon burnout. Works with the populace to promote Chirurgeon membership and membership retention. Provides for recognition of Chirurgeon who contribute to increase of membership in Chirurgeonate. Maintains accurate membership roster and attendance records. Performs follow-ups on members not attending meetings. Collects membership applications and evaluation. Monitors Chirurgeon performance quarterly in cooperation with the Kingdom Chirurgeon.

Administrator to the Chirurgeonate - Education
Roles and Responsibilities: Responsible for planning successful training classes so that each Chirurgeon has the opportunity to achieve his or her educational goals. Directs planning, organization, and implement of educational programs. Schedules classes, updates Chirurgeon progress charts, and reports educational program to Kingdom Chirurgeon. Coordinates recognition of Chirurgeon achievements. Ensures that each new Chirurgeon receives orientation to the program, including assignment of mentor and new member induction. Plans training classes, completing schedules and assignment at least three weeks in advance, confirming each schedule five to seven days before the classes. Promote participation in the educational classes. Reports on education performance quarterly in cooperation with the Kingdom Chirurgeon.

Administrator to the Chirurgeonate - Public Relations
Roles and Responsibilities: Develops, implements, and administers a program that maintains a positive image of the Chirurgeonate for all of the chirurgeons, interested individuals and the general populace. Produces and distributes a newsletter at least monthly and/or maintains a website. Announces upcoming events and programs. Asks for contributions to the newsletter or website. Provides information to newcomers regarding the Chirurgeonate. Creates and submits updated information for the website. Performs research and writes articles to further the knowledge of the chirurgeons and populace regarding health and safety issues.

Any individual, who is interested in any of above positions, please send your letter of interest to the Kingdom Chirurgeon at by January 31, 2009.

THL Blase di Angelo
Kingdom Chirurgeon


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