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June 2009 Chirurgeon's Message

First aid point at this year's Pennsic War 38

Greetings from the Chirurgeon in Charge of First aid point at this year's Pennsic War 38.

First, Who am I?

I am The Honorable Lady Deirdru ingen Mhurchadha (Better known as Deirdre Macmorcat. Mundanely I am known as Dianne Benedict BSN, RN, MSN, CNM, APRN. I was second in command chirurgeon for one Pennsic War, chirurgeon in charge or general help for other events, ranging from local to inter-kingdom size, a deputy Troll for two Pennsics, have worked as security many times, as well as experience as security dispatch, and have been a Marshal for all levels of activities (heavy Fighting only). I have been in the SCA for 19 years as of this coming war. I am familiar and comfortable with most of the aspects of SCA and Pennsic culture.

Second, what to expect from the Chirurgeons and first Aid point?

As many Pennsic attendees know, First Aid care as provided at Pennsic has changed over the years. Pennsic has for many years enlisted the assistance of an Emergency Medical Service (EMS) provider. Our current partner in this endeavor is the Northwest EMS Company. They are a fabulous group of professionals who work with Medical coverage from a range of Physicians. Often, there is a physician on site during the daytime hours. EMS is required by Pennsylvania state law, if attendance at Pennsic is at or expected to be over 10,000 people, as it has been for ten years. While the chirurgeonate misses the many friends we had made over the years on the Portersville EMS squad, a shortage of volunteers and increased demands of the regular community have made it impossible for Portersville to supply the legally required level of EMS coverage that Pennsic must have to continue. Numerous of the Northwest EMS personnel are veterans of Pennsic from the days when Portersville supplied the EMS coverage, and even ran the Tavern in the Food Court.

This care is provided in conjunction with the traditional Chirurgeon care. While the exterior presentation of that care has changed as the SCA grows and changes, the care provided has not fundamentally changed. This year we expect that our standards of excellence will continue with a joint venture. The Chirurgeons will be present during the times of 8 am to 8 pm starting Land grab weekend and NWEMS will be there 24/7 while Pennsic is open. The hours of SCA chirurgeon care may change as volunteers arrive and if patient needs rise for any reason.

Third, what will do or can we do?

As always the chirurgeonate is here to assist with first aid care. This could be a band aid, warm drink on a cold day, cool shade on a hot day, or any multitude of things. We are here to assist you to get the care you want or need. If it is beyond our level of care NWEMS is there to provide more advanced care and/or transport to the local hospital. Because of the possibility of serious injury during battles at Pennsic NWEMS will continue to handle battle injuries on the field this year.

Finally, the Pennsic Chirurgeon Senior staff includes Master Robin Gallowglass O.P., Mistress Fia Kareman O.P., East Kingdom Chirurgeon, Master Brusten de Bearsul, O.P., O.L, and Dominus Galefridus Peregrinus. We look forward to serving you this year and welcome those who wish to volunteer their services. If you are currently warranted as a chirurgeon please ensure your certifications and memberships are up to date for war and bring a copy with you. If you are not yet a chirurgeon but wish to be, please consider making sure you have a valid CPR & First aid card, along with a current membership in the SCA, and proof of being 18 years of age or older. If you can start the chirurgeon in training prior to war with your home kingdom it will make registering to volunteer at Pennsic easier as you should be on your home kingdom roster as well. (You will still need to bring your cards or have sent me a copy prior to Pennsic.)

AS always, play smart, plan ahead, bring plenty of any current medications you need, and drink plenty of water. While we welcome you to stop by First aid Point, we prefer a social call over business.

See you at war!

Chirurgeon in Charge of First aid point at this year's Pennsic War 38

THL Blase di Angelo
Kingdom Chirurgeon


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