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September 2008 Chirurgeon's Message

Preparing for War

Roasting marshmallows on a stick, steaks on the barbeque, and dancing around the fire. Does any of this sound like fun to you? War is a great activity that families and friends can enjoy together. Whether you camping at a small event or our Great Western War here is some information on camping safety tips.

Pavilion Area
Plan your trip so that you arrive at your site with enough daylight left to check over the entire site and to set-up camp. Be sure to check the site thoroughly for glass, sharp objects, branches that could fall or are hung low. Beware of trail areas - If you are in the middle of a heavily traveled path, you may be trampled in your tent or shelter in the middle of the night. Also what will the weather be like? In case of rain and wind, make sure that your pavilion or tent has a rain fly and is crossed tied to prevent it from flying away. These same tent ropes are a tripping hazard, so be sure to place them in out of the travel way or mark them with flags.

Fire is of prime concern at war. Whenever a fire is lit at the site, be sure that someone is assigned to watch it at all times. Also, be aware of the fire and don't fall in. Burns are very painful and disfiguring. Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby for emergencies.

First Aid
Have a medical kit of some degree with you. An efficient first aid kit may contain as simple as basic bandages, topical antibiotic ointment and an Ace wrap in one very large zip lock bags.

Also, have few over-the-counter medications in your first aid bag like Acetaminophen (Tylenol), Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin), Diphenhydramine (Benadryl), Rolaids or Tums, any hydrocortisone cream, sunscreen. Over the counter Imodium AD is always good to carry with you. It is very uncomfortable to get diarrhea on a camping trip.

Lanterns are crucially important. We have a difficult time seeing in the dark. We are not nocturnal animals.

Water is crucial make sure you bring enough for your entire stay. The consumption of caffeine or alcohol will increase dehydration; so make sure you increase your water intake when drinking these beverages. Sports drinks are great in keeping you hydrated especially after a long day in the sun. Dehydration is not an enjoyable ailment and can lead to death in severe situations.

Homage to Mother Nature
Last, please remember that you are not in your home but in nature's home. If you take care of her, she will take care of you. Please pick up all litter. If recycling containers are available, please use them. After you have packed up, turn around and look where you have camped and cooked and see that it is clean.

THL Blase di Angelo
Kingdom Chirurgeon


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